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A goal is so much easier to achieve when you follow a roadmap that is tailor-made for you, right ? At Cream, the follow-up of each individual is personalized and benefits from the best tools of management, strategy of learning and coaching. Since everybody is different, there is no single career path at Cream. We design together a development route that suits you as an individual, both professionally as personally.

As a result, you’ll gain experience, know-how and confidence that will make you grow and last you a lifetime !


Besides this support, Cream has developed the necessary relays for the development of each.

We mentor


Never walk alone at Cream Consulting ! 
Your mentor is your manager’s relay and it’s up to YOU to define the relationship you want. Because every Creamer never stops learning and is continuously faced with various exciting challenges, being listened and guided by a mentor is a great asset to boost your career and personal development. 

We coach


Creamers are also keen to grow, both professionally and personally. But a training is not always the best way to learn something and everything can’t be taught in a training… Sometimes, we need more. That’s why coaching exists at Cream. Coaching is meant to bring you a real accompaniment of the development of a competence, as well in the theory as in the practice of this one. 

We train


At Cream, we understand that ‘talent support’ is important. For each Creamer, a training plan offering plenty of learning opportunities is elaborated with his/her Business Manager and implemented throughout the year. In addition, we often organise internal workshops and knowledge sharing sessions.

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