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At Cream, we embrace innovation to drive new value for our clients. We always explore new insights and deliver tangible outcomes. We value the power of experimentation to improve customer experience and successfully scale business ideas.

In practice ?

Customer Journey/UX Design

The ultimate evaluation criteria of the client experience, integrating UX from the beginning of a project has a marked impact on the way it is conceived, and Cream is committed to helping its clients with this process to fully satisfy its end users.

Design thinking

Cream acts as its clients’ end-to-end partner. We are present from the conception to the implementation of ideas, with a mix of analytic thought and intuition. We use a co-creative approach in which both the client and the end user are involved.

Lean startup

Our consultants assist our clients to implement new product development practices combining experimentation and iterative design. We put our energy into reducing product commercialization cycles and constantly take user feedback into account.


As Product Manager, I’m a real Swiss knife : I have to set the Product Vision (why), its Strategy (how), its Roadmap (when), and its Features (what).
Ophélie Carcian, Consultant.

“The world of bank payment is constantly changing and requires significant investments to develop an ecosystem of the future.”
Louise Themelin, Consultant.

CLIENTS’ success stories

The redesign and revamping of the Thalys website has been a major project and Cream’s teams helped a lot. It was both a business (marketing, content, performance,…) and IT (coding, integration with various partners,…) project.

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