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IT infrastructure is essential for complete client satisfaction and continuous innovation, and it is continually reinvented to take its place in our clients’ value chain. At Cream, we believe that IT infrastructure & security is an enabler and a source of competitive advantages for business.

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Cloud, DevOps, Big Data, AI and RPA are examples of new technologies and ways of thinking and organizing information systems that require increasingly agile governance to facilitate the execution of ever more complex value chains. Cream uses its multidisciplinary expertise to work with its clients on the implementation of such governance to stay in line with the company’s strategic objectives.


Cream’s key competence ensures we take individual and collective responsibility for delivering our projects with organizational performance and value for the end client as our objectives.


To build sustainable, robust and efficient information systems, Cream brings together the best talents to design complex architectures which satisfy the future needs of each of our clients.


Designing and implementing infrastructure currently calls for the ability to bring diverse and complementary skills together to integrate today’s multi-faceted information systems. Cream specializes in building transversal teams capable of meeting these challenges end-to-end that integrate components such as cybersecurity, the cloud, virtualization, big data, DevOps, etc.


Security plays a vital role in protecting information systems and calls for a global and integrated vision. Because of this, Cream has chosen to adopt a multidisciplinary and transversal approach with its clients in order to get the best results.


“At cream, we have the opportunity to bring the whole Devops in our customer’s organization. It is about changing processes in a disruptive way, breaking silos and erroneous belief to reach delivery efficiency.”
Paul Helleringer, Consultant.

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Partnering with FMSB is a great opportunity for us to bring the Cream touch in a context where innovation is a key to the competitive future of our client.

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