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In a top-down approach, the management, according to its strategy, foresees a roadmap of projects to deploy to reach its objectives. At Cream, we are in a top-down-top and peer-to-peer approach.
Why top-down-top? Because the projects implemented are the result of an impulse from the management AND the initiative Creamers.
A hint of proactivity, innovation and a touch of self-awareness are the common denominator among each Creamer.
Has a project idea popped up in your mind in the middle of the night? Anything that could be of added value to other fellow Creamers, candidates or customers? Be sure that your sparkling and shining ideas will be encouraged, heard and valued.

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lime padawan

Lime Padawan project has been created to accompany young Creamers during the first months of their career. Why? Because we have noticed their vision of the professional world did not always match with the reality. Lime Padawan helps them to clarify their missions & roles, and facilitates therefore the passage from university to business, so that everyone’s expectations can be met.

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diversity label

The Diversity project has been launched for two reasons: increase our already-high diversity engagement, and raise awareness amongst our clients and employees. Diversity matters and this project will help us earn the Actiris Diversity label. We believe that tackling these issues is also part of Cream’s mission!

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creamer for a day

What does it mean to be a consultant? When you’re still studying, it can be really hard to understand it. That’s why we started this project: to offer students the great opportunity to follow a Creamer for an entire day, and then decide if this career path is made for them. If not, at least they had an amazing day!

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