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Creamer ?

What does a typical workday as a passionate Creamer look like ? Experiencing significant challenges, identifying potential constraints, but also manage interactions with various actors from different industrial sectors and industries in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

That’s why Cream believes that Talent is predominantly a matter of attitude, not only a set of competencies. Discover the 3 guiding principles that shape the way a Creamer collaborates…

    Principle #1 – The Art of giving and receiving


    At Cream, we believe that feedback is the most powerful tool within a culture of learning and development. When effectively, directly and honestly handled, feedback can foster motivation as well as interpersonal connections within an organization. Think of feedback as a gift that allows you to improve as a person and professional !

    Principle #2 – The Art of


    Your emotional and cognitive empathy allows you to understand the environment surrounding you : team, roles, tasks, expertises, etc. You predict and adapt your behaviour appropriately to the situation which can lead to the most effective collaboration.

    Principle #3 – The Art of being


    Being proactive means taking responsibility for your goals and actions rather than just passively watching how things happen. Your “proactive” personality manages to prevent possible issues from arising, generates constructive changes and takes the lead by launching innovative initiatives. 

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