Did you know that your career success is partly shaped by the people you come across ? 
Your career starts at our first meeting; you’ll meet dynamic recruiters, dedicated business managers but also enthusiastic consultants, directors and even customers !

It’s all about getting to know YOU and defining together our common future!

A career

within cream

Cream designs the professional environment as an ecosystem that must contain some ingredients necessary to the needs and objectives of each:

  • A recognized and valued creativity
  • A shared common goal between employees and managers: always growing!

For Cream, management is a know-how, not a hierarchical position. We always favor long-term vision of collaboration thanks to advanced tools that help to understand, guide and lead to the maximum potential of each.

What makes life @Cream so incredibly exciting ?
A touch of “speaking with ONE voice” nature with a hint of powerful “looking in the SAME direction” mindset, sprinkled with fun and served with a lot of thinking BIG ideas : that’s our success cocktail. 

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American developmental psychologist Howard Gardner defines Talent as an “innate ability, aptitude or faculty in any given artistic or intellectual field”. But here at Cream, we’ve added our own (lime) twist… Cream believes that Talent is predominantly a matter of attitude, not only a set of competencies. Discover the principles that shape the way a Creamer collaborates…

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Cream is the place you’re looking for if you want to develop your skills, your competencies and yourself. We listen to our Creamers’ needs and put all our efforts to meet their expectations. Because being aligned with your career path is the best way to keep everyone motivated and invested!

In short, we maximize your personal development, we promote collective intelligence and we encourage intrapreneurship! 

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