Cream is a Business and Technology consulting firm with a proven experience in combining Innovation Delivery, Motivating Culture and Continuous Improvement
– what we call Enterprise Agility.



We make people seed enterprise agility.  This Agility is the unique combination of 3 elements: motivating culture, innovation delivery and continuous improvement.

Motivating culture

At Cream, we unlock the collective intelligence by giving the Creamers the opportunity to be awesome !

By creating a collaborative workplace that embraces diversity of thought, they feel that their voice matters, which obviously enhances their creativity, intrapreneurship and motivation.
The greatest ally to our vibrant and uplifting culture ? Use ‘n abuse of S-O-F-T skills ! Because using and continuously developing them at its highest level, make us more imaginative, engaged and powerful; both professionally and personally.
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A Creamer is far more than a merely consultant. They turn into project heroes when it comes to designing relevant and tailor-made solutions ! 

When they are assigned a mission, they have the ability to steer the project from A to Z, adapt, avoid risks and destroy issues. So, now you get the power of soft skills, right ?
Also, we consider “innovation management” as the Holy Grail of the corporate world and the primary driver that accelerates our customers’ success and growth in every market segment.
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Continuous improvement at Cream is a way of life. We’ve all heard the saying that “you should never rest on your laurels”, even though you may be doing fine.

When you stop improving, you start slipping backward. That’s why we constantly question and (re)challenge through training, brainstorming, mentoring and use of state-of-the art technology. Making gradual ongoing improvement in strategy, performance, commitment and process will help maximize results and ensure the long-term business growth. Let’s go for it ?
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Bill Gates once stated: “What would Microsoft be worth if it was sold without its collaborators; one dollar?”. At Cream, people excellence is strongly embedded in our core values because a company is only as amazing its own people.



We are all different, but we are all one single team here. By encouraging mutual collaboration, we achieve complementarity. While we may come from different backgrounds, have different superpowers and play different roles; both our heart and spirit come together to make the Cream dream come true.

 And you, what role would you play among this tribe of awesome smart people?