I have been working at Cream for 4 years now. I’ve tried many different work areas and I’m so glad about the opportunities that were given to me.

I had the chance to work in several domains of activities, from banking and investment companies to international retail leaders, or even working for the insurance sector or in IT security. I also had the opportunity to work with broader international companies and communicate with people from across the world, from France, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, England, and India.

This was exactly what I wanted to do when I joined Cream as a Consultant. I was looking for a company that wouldn’t stick me in a box and that would raise my consciousness across various sectors. When I started, I was eager to discover everything that could be offered to me. I was willing to broader my possibilities, but also the different positions that could be handled by a young graduate.

Each experience was very enriching.

A lot of learning both on soft skills and on hard skills. It was also the occasion to meet great people, achieve amazing projects and be part of the story of all those companies.

It helps me discover what I like to do but also where I need to improve myself, master new skills and earn a lot of self-confidence.

Cream made me grow up as a human and made me the worker I am today.

Today, I am fully convinced that this is the company anybody will be glad to join. Therefore I can advise you without any doubt that you should join us and be part of our adventure.