The creation of the volunteering service? Such a fun story!

It all sparked from Sixtine’s idea to introduce volunteering within Cream. Lots of events were already being organised by Creamers, but what if Cream would take an active part in it and provide the backbone for those initiatives, she thought? She pitched her idea to Louis, Senior Manager and Comex Member, who was quickly on board and provided her with the necessary stepping stones to turn her idea into a reality.

Stephan, who wanted to get the best out of his inter-contract and get more involved in Cream’s culture, got word of the project. He was sold by the concept and quickly decided to join forces with Sixtine.

Since she arrived at Cream (and even during her job interview), Sophie had never stopped coming up with events and actions in support of causes that are close to her heart and in line with Cream’s values. Sixtine naturally turned to her to join the team and set up the volunteering service project together.

Several meetings and brainstorming sessions later, the project’s outlines were defined and the Volunteering service emerged. All it was missing was a dynamic team, willing to bring it to life. So, a few months later, 10 passionate and motivated Creamers jumped on board to finally launch the service in September 2021.

We thoroughly enjoy working on this together, and we can’t wait to have you as a participant in our charity events or volunteering missions!