Starting a new mission is always a leap in the dark, however, in Barcelona, the sun is always shining!

Mid-March I started my new mission as a Tech Training Expert in the financial sector. This sector sparked already my interest during my first mission at Cream so I was excited to pursue this at the next Cream client. The main goal of this mission was training a new team in Barcelona on helping clients with their tech-related questions about online payments. Client-centricity and quality management are key in this mission. Before delivering these trainings, the challenge was first to learn all this new content. In only a couple of months, I received a deep dive into the systems and tools of the client. I was fortunate with the support and knowledge given by my colleagues at the mission; without them, this could’ve not been possible. I don’t think I have ever absorbed so much knowledge than in these months!

During a COVID pandemic, nothing is ever certain, especially with traveling. At the end of May, I received the good news that I could depart for a one-month trip to Barcelona. Accompanied by my laptop with all the trainings and quizzes that were developed in these last months. Upon arrival, I landed in a great team who were eager to learn, although the content was completely new to them. During these intensive four weeks, they grew together as a team. Since I was a ‘’student’’ in this content not that long ago, I remembered my own pitfalls and feedbacks. Therefore, I made sure to transmit the knowledge through a lot of interactivity and quizzes to make sure that everyone was on board. When I returned to Belgium at the beginning of July I kept in touch with the team through numerous calls. My mission is not over yet, in September I will return to Barcelona for three months to deliver the next phase of the training and I’m beyond excited to see the team again!

Where did Cream help me during this period? After being almost in the company for two years and following the Cream University, I carry my backpack with the Cream Values all the way to Barcelona (unfortunately my suitcase didn’t fit my Cream Colleagues…). Whilst delivering the training I applied a lot of the content learned during the CreamU: how do we learn, drawing helps learners, how can we make sure that we understand each other, … It makes me happy to be in a training room where you can see that learning is taken place, by drawings on the wall, the team discussing together and asking questions.

During this mission, I learned that the only way to go is forward and be pragmatic. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned and then I gather feedbacks, improve, and enjoy the ride!