I’ve always wanted to work abroad… In October 2018, my wish was fulfilled! New country, new town, new company & new life. Everything in new things is always exciting but also a bit scaring. You need to create new habits, find new friends and, in this case, discover and adapt myself to a new culture. My new experience was about to begin and I had no idea what was going to happen…

Before Cream, I was already working in recruitment and I had acquired some notions about searching & selecting candidates, interviews, the contact with clients and so many things… but when you come into a new company, you need to understand the codes and learn new practices. I wanted to prove that Cream was right to hire me. As Cream is an adhocratic company, you could develop yourself so fast if you work hard and gain responsibilities after just a few months.

What I have learned at Cream is that you can make mistakes, it is even recommended to do some if you are able to recognize your mistake and find the solution to improve the topic and do better the next time. “If you give yourself the opportunity to grow, grab the chance.” I followed this advice and I have recently become a Senior Business Recruiter after almost 3 years at Cream. I am now coaching a junior on topics and skills that I have developed for the past few years.

It would not have been possible if Cream did not believe in my potential skills evolution in 2018. Within Cream, I found a company where you are listened for your ideas, where you could be autonomous and be responsible for a thousand tasks and reinvent your position if you are willing to.

When I started my career in recruitment, my focus was to find a project which fits people’s expectations in term of career path. At Cream, as I manage the whole business process between a request received by a client until the start date of the consultant, I have a detailed view about both client- & consultant’s needs and I can then create the perfect match between them.

There are a lot of steps you have to manage and you learn everyday new situations that you have to anticipate. My job combines recruitment skills, coaching skills, negotiation skills and a lot of curiosity, active listening & reactivity. Each day is different, I really don’t have time to be annoyed.

I also have the chance to work with a reliable team and be coached by people who did the same function as me earlier and can guide me with their experience.

If you also want to develop yourself professionally and personally in an environment where you are considerate and supported, seize the opportunity and join us!