“Let’s move forward and stop using mainframe, it is time for the business to have nice tools to work with”

My project has started a few years ago with the aim to finally have an actual working tool for the business to handle the policy administration. The projects encountered many pitfalls but we are now finally seeing the end of the tunnel!

As a Scrum Master, the paramount quality that I must use in my daily work is servant-leadership. Meaning that I’m a leader with no power trying to influence people through relationship, gained trust and motivation and let them experience for themselves what is explained.

We are currently at the last stage of the project and, as my team mates are quite stressed, I’m supporting them as much as I can. As soon as something is blocking, or a concern is raised, I’m going to do what I can to solve it so that they can keep improving without hampering the self-organization to reach the goal.

Aside serving the scrum team, I’m also supporting my PO and my management. Together with the PO, we always try to find a better way to define an effective backlog definition which will bring the most value to the business. Together with the management, we try to remove barriers so that the IT teams and the rest of the organization can work as smooth as possible in an empirical way.

The things that I like the most in my project are that I can help and support at different levels in the organization and at the same time support my team with its daily work. Meaning my job is various and I’m learning everyday thanks to the people I work with who are having different realities and expertise.

Finally, I’m freshly graduated from the Cream University and all the topics that have been discussed and learned there are helping me in my daily work. As a big part of my work consists in asking questions, I’m now more comfortable in asking specific ones to dig deeper and focus on the essence of the discussion.