As a financial engineering student, I did a 6-month internship as part of my studies. I joined Cream Consulting because the consulting domain attracts me, and it could allow me to achieve other goals.
I was integrated in September 2020, in such a special year, I was a little apprehensive about possibly working at home, in a country that I did not know.
My apprehensions quickly passed after the first exchanges with the Cream team.
All the staff made me feel very welcome, the atmosphere was really very friendly.

As for the mission that I carried out, it was rich, fascinating. I enjoyed working with the Cream team. I have performed various tasks on financial management and financial operations. The work was supported during the 6 months and I recommend having a good control of the analytical tools (EXCEL in particular) to carry out the mission. The work context allows the intern to have work all the time, from the start of the assignment.
It was a great experience!