Gazelles Ambassador in 2018, Cream is once again Trends Gazelles Nominee this year, in the Large Business category for Brussels. Proof that the culture bet remains a winning bet!

In nearly 12 years, Cream has succeeded in forging strong partnerships with its clients; main players in Banking, Finance, Insurance, Energy, Transport, Telecom, and Public Service. With A real know-how in terms of recruitment and career management, Cream has also built a strong culture in which a strong, competent, and motivated team develops.

Cream differentiates itself from other consulting companies in that it makes a point of offering its clients competent teams; this is the least you can expect from a consulting company! Then, Cream pays particular attention to the attitudes of consultants and their faculty to adapt to clients’ issues. Creamers are recruited based on their know-how, but also on their interpersonal skills: the ability to learn, work in a team, be creative and active. These predispositions are assessed during the recruitment process and then reinforced through training, workshops, and immersion in a strong culture.

The Cream culture is a real strategic focus of the company. It is based on values ​​shared and applied every day. This culture involves beliefs that determine their daily choices, such as the belief that everyone is responsible in the company, or that the solution must be adapted to the real need. Finally, this culture encourages active, constructive attitudes for the benefit of the collective. Whether it is in the way of working, in collective or individual working moments, the relationship with a client, the career follow-up of consultants, or even the collaboration within the team of managers, the elements of culture are always present.

Finally, Cream seeks to maintain a virtuous loop: the company invests in its teams (hard skills, soft skills, collective intelligence workshops), which makes it possible to provide better service, thus satisfying customers who are again ready to trust Cream; eventually generating new resources to restart the loop.