It all started a year and a half ago, when data consultants, feeling the urge to share their knowledge and always willing to learn more, decided to create a Tribe, bringing together different expertise such as Data Science, Data Governance, or Business Intelligence.

On top of that, with Cream’s continuous development mindset and the emphasis on recruiting data profiles to fulfill client requirements, it was the perfect time to launch this new initiative. 

The Data Tribe’s mission is to bring a real Data community within Cream with the ultimate goal to promote Cream as a major Data player in the Brussels landscape. 

Our first steps to kick-off this journey were to define the objectives, mission, and core service offering of the tribe which was presented to Cream’s management. With their green light, we started to grow the team together with other Creamers and to deliver our first milestones and objectives for the rest of the year. Looking back at 2019, the data tribe gave 2 workshops on data governance and data science, participated in the organization of the You&Meet on data governance, filmed 1 lime Channel video, and prepared a challenging Roadmap for 2020. And it’s only the beginning! 

So what’s next? Since January 2020, we have been writing a serie of articles to share working experiences in data, building a data mind map to summarize what this wide subject is. To clarify who we are and better present what we do, we are also busy creating the perfect speech to be used in interviews and in client meetings. We also had our first school event initially planned in March with Solvay Digital Society and Solvay Consulting Club during which we would have presented data professions. Due to the current situation, the event has been postponed, and we can’t wait to share our knowledge with students soon!

And there’s much more to be done: events, trainings, coaching, recruitment support but also continuous improvement of the tribe itself… So to be continued!