One year ago, I started my career as a consultant at Cream Consulting. I chose to work at Cream for what makes it different: its culture. Personal development, collective intelligence, and intrapreneurship are at the core of it. During this year, I participated in many internal activities such as trainings, round-table discussions, and workshops which makes me really feel like a Creamer. Becoming a Mentor seemed then obvious in my journey… and here I am, an official Cream Mentor! ?

Various reasons motivate me to play that new role. I think it is essential to guide the newcomers through their Cream journey by listening, supporting, and advising them. Furthermore, sharing my experience and knowledge will help them to better meet our culture. On top of that, I join a great Mentoring Team that does everything possible to improve the accompaniment of the Creamers.

I’m looking forward to enjoying that adventure, meeting new people, and sharing enriching moments with colleagues! ?