Hi ! I am Audry Gakiko and business manager at Cream consulting. Personally, I am someone who likes human contact, collaboration and especially sport. I love and practice soccer. With Cream, we have a competitive team of football and if you want to join us, feel free to contact me.

Professionally, I arrived at Cream after an internship in an engineering consultancy company. From my background point of view, I graduated from Solvay Brussels School in management science. I got to know Cream via LinkedIn and also following a contact from our current senior talent manager, Alice Castagnet. The recruitment process began very quickly after our first meeting with Alice. I then met my current coach /manager and the director to finalize the start of our collaboration. There was a very good reactivity and I constantly received feedback on the different steps.

I was seduced by the way I was welcomed and the nice environment of dynamism I saw. I remember that when I was waiting for my first interview, everyone said hello to me as they passed by me. I immediately felt that the human aspect counted within this company and I therefore decided to join it. The human aspect and learning are part of the essential elements of the company and I have been discovering it for more than 2 years now.