For 9 months now, I’m working as a Customer Journey Expert in the banking sector.

My function, as CJE, is quite similar to the one of a business analyst with the only difference that the customer hasn’t a simple role in my job, he is his heart.

As part of my mission, I work in the ‘Assisted Channel’ tribe which takes care of the different tools that the employees are using in order to register, foresee, operate an interaction with the end customer. For my part, I’m a Customer Journey Expert in a team who is in charge of Salesforce.

In a few words, Salesforce is, partially, a software specialized in customer relationship management. It will help the ING employees to have a global view on every customer and on all the interactions whatever the type and everything will be visible on Salesforce. It’s a tool used on a daily basis by a big part of the bank and the final goal is to see every ING employee from Belgium and beyond using Salesforce.

Concretely, what does my daily life consist of?
On one hand, based on the management decisions, I’m working on the implementation of Salesforce to the Belgian and Dutch segments who aren’t using Salesforce yet. Those new segments are represented by their leaders who are going to be my persons of contact.

As a result, I identify their needs, come with a proposal, design their product, and develop it together with the dev team. It’s a long process because I play the role of intermediary between my clients, who are the end-users of my product, and the developers a.k.a the IT magicians for the setting up of what will be the perfect match between what the clients want/need and the feasibility of those in the tool.

On the other hand, there is a part given to the management of Salesforce. Indeed, at the same time, the segments who are already using the tool will have some problems that we will need to solve. Besides, they might come with some ideas to improve their daily life. Depending on our capacity, we will be able to work on it.

In short, the client is the common thread in all of my work. Moreover, I work in an Agile environment which adds a little extra to this mission.