Already eleven weeks of teleworking… time for me to take a step back on this extraordinary period.

At the beginning of March, I joined the team I currently work with; I was really excited to start a new mission and to meet new colleagues. After a couple of days, I felt already totally part of the squad and I was looking forward to sharing nice work moments with my fellow workers.

Only two weeks later, the world has entered into a different dimension and we were forced to work from home. Telework, especially for so long, together with containment, that’s a big challenge… but I think I successfully took it up!

On the work side, I got to know my colleagues virtually and I was remotely trained for my new tasks. The numerous communication channels we are using and the daily meetings we are having allow us to work very efficiency, which is highly motivating! Working from home does not prevent sharing funny moments with the team… Friday virtual « apero » at 5 p.m. is now a routine. I also keep in touch with Creamers; I regularly have my manager on the phone, I meet other consultants for virtual aperitif time (again, yes) or we simply catch up on each others’ news via WhatsApp.

Homeworking gives me the opportunity to do things during my free time I was not doing before… starting the day with a fitness workout, enjoying the lunch on my terrace and cooking dinner are my new daily habits.

I don’t know for how long I’ll be teleworking, but I’m ready to keep going on that new way of life. At the same time, I’m really looking forward to seeing my colleagues again and resuming the office life.