??‍♀️ Julie, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Cream:
“Hey! If you have recently applied for one of our job opportunities, there is a very good chance that you will meet me. A long time ago, I would have offered you a face-to-face meeting to understand who you are, identify what you are looking for and be sure that Cream’s projects can fit your expectations. ?
But now, it will be done via an online platform. So, what?! My biggest challenge is to make this meeting as good as in real life, pretend there’s no screen between us and avoid all IT bias… I have to confess that I was a bit skeptical at first… But I quickly realized it’s not a problem AT ALL!!!!! Indeed, we continue to meet amazing people and recruit them despite the current situation! You need proof? Over the past few weeks, we have hired 6 new Creamers!!! ? Adaptability and flexibility are challenging words whose meaning can only be understood when we break our habits and build other ones to pursue our goals! That’s what I did with my team, and that’s why we always keep going! ??