Here we are… the beginning of the deconfinement… what a weird period we’ve just been through, right? And I have the feeling we’re not even close to live like we were used to. Anyway, I think it’s time to have a look at what we’ve achieved during this period!

As far as I’m concerned, time literally flew! Why? Because I worked every day on a top-secret project that I can finally disclose today: our brand new and totally home-made Intranet!

For a few months, I acted as the Product Owner of this big project and I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved with my team… we’ve delivered our Intranet right on time, with everything we planned to put on it, and there’s no bug on the horizon… yet… never claim victory too quickly 😉

We can say our mission is a success, even if it wasn’t always easy to keep pace and follow the rythm! Moreover, we had to adapt our usual way of working. A project of this magnitude would have been easier if we had the chance to really see each other, and not only through a screen. But we did it, sometimes with my cat on the screen instead of my head but, hey, why would humans be the only ones to show themselves, right?

Next steps from now? Continuous improvement of our Intranet! This first release is what we commonly call an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and there are sooo many other things we want to add to enrich it! We’ve set as a goal of delivering a new release every two weeks… short timing maybe, but we know we can do it! Warriors team one day, warriors team always!

To conclude, let me personally thank my team: Antonino, Aline, Audry, Aviv, Emma, Quentin, Romane, Sixtine, Steven & Vincent! Let’s keep up doing such a great job, it’s a real pleasure to work with y’all!