#newwayofworking #stayathome #besafe #actresponsible #testimony
Louis, Manager at Cream:
“Wednesday, 8th floor, 10 o’clock, 35th day of quarantine…
I pretend to look far in the deep but I am actually enjoying my coffee .
I barely have the opportunity to work outside so it’s nice to call and share while sitting in the sun . An important part of my job is to take care of my teams and make sure that everyone is as happy as possible which, in the time being, is a little trickier.
Anyway, I try to chill about it and take it easy which is – as a Creamer and an Adhocrat – in my DNA!
PS: As a real shoe-lover, homeworking or not, you’ll notice I never go barefoot or slippers! Weston boots rules!