After working almost 2 years as a consultant at Cream, I was willing to get more involved in Cream’s internal development, on top of my consultant role. I got the opportunity to become a mentor, it turned out to be the perfect next step for me… Today I want to share with you the reasons that pushed me to become a mentor within Cream.

Feeling fully aligned with Cream’s values and culture, I was looking for a way to share this with other Creamers. Mentoring is the best way to do so, as I am one of the first contact points for new comers and have to ensure they feel welcomed as warmly as possible.

I also wanted to develop new skills alongside the ones that I acquire during my consultancy projects. As a mentor, I get a taste of what coaching and people management is like, as it requires to be a good listener, to give advice and share experiences. Being a mentor is also an opportunity to provide support and guidance to other Creamers outside of their direct management. Knowing that it can help Creamers grow is an amazing feeling.

Last but not least, I wanted to become a mentor to get to know other Creamers better, to build a network, and build bridges between Creamers, so they can also create their own network.

Today, it has been a few months that I have taken up this role I must say that I’m proud to be a mentor and proud to be a Creamer !

Ambre AZALBERT – Consultant & Mentor @Cream