Infrabel is the Infrastructure Manager of the Belgian railway. Its creation in 2005 is based on the split between the Infrastructure Manager (Infrabel) and the Railway Operator (SNCB/NMBS) allowing free concurrency on the European territory.

The company operates in the whole country where the 11000 employees are working in many works activities. Two years ago, Infrabel launched the milestones of its new corporate culture.

Cream Consulting had developed a partnership with Infrabel since 2014. Our consultants are conducting missions in different domains. In alignment with the objectives of the business plan, we help digitalize and modernize the company.

In particular, our consultants are supporting ICT teams in daily operational tasks and change activities:

  • The demand management process has been improved by using Lean methodology so as to increase efficiency and avoid waste;
  • In accordance with the new corporate culture, individuals work now in teams on common projects; management methods like Kanban, walking meetings or efficient meetings have been introduced; a task repartition based on individual competencies and profiles has been implemented.
  • Communication is now adapted to the targeted audience using the most appropriate channel;

The current challenges within ICT are to implement a transversal mindset, improve knowledge sharing and communication in order to anticipate the future and to focus on innovation and agility.

Cream’s expertise in process and change management will for sure make the difference and will enable the company to be at the forefront of technological progress to ensure the safety and punctuality of trains.


By Laurence Springael & Maxime Vigneron.