“There are roadworks on my bus lane today and I don’t want to be late, what other option do I have ? I see a red bike over there, but I have to install another app and my phone is almost full…”
Sounds familiar ?

Despite of increasing mobility offers in cities (public transport, bikes, e-scooter, car-sharing…), it’s quite challenging to find the most relevant option to go from one point to another. We often need to check several applications before being able to choose the one that best suits our preferences (time, price, weather…)
So here comes MaaS to save us all !

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) combines all the existing transport solutions (private or public) under a single platform, accessible via an app on your phone. Not only will a MaaS application plan your journey, it will also allow you to buy your digital transport title and access the different mobility solutions in ONE place, at a competitive price compared to the real cost of owning a private car.
Pretty cool right ?

As Product Manager, I’m a real Swiss knife : I have to set the Product Vision (why), its Strategy (how), its Roadmap (when), and its Features (what).
We are still at early stages of product development, but I already defined the product vision based on users’ needs, market evolutions, and other insights gathered by a cross-functional team (marketing, strategy, sales, IT).
Then I described all the functional blocks composing the product, and detailed them according to a timeline : the ideal features for the long-term (the shiny full-equipped dream app), and some more pragmatic / essential ones for the mid-term (Minimum Viable Product).

I’m currently working on how and when launching our product in a “test and learn” approach, trying to balance regulations (public tenders that impose delays), internal processes (and how to make them more agile) and market pressure (ie. need to be faster and better than our competitors).

The things I particularly like are being here at the beginning of the project, where everything has still to be determined and where I can communicate my vision of things. The challenges and expectations are really high for this project that will affect the whole mobility ecosystem, so everyone is dedicated to its success and works towards the same goal.

Moreover, working with people from different background and expertise, and learning from them is truly enriching. 

Within Cream Consulting, we are also encouraged to work on more personal projects (in line with Cream’s values), such as the “Cream-Made Products” workshop that we organized with Arnaud, Celia and Maxime, in order to teach to our colleagues how to make their own deodorant, dishwashing liquid and sponge to reduce their environmental impact. We had a lot of fun organizing it, and the participants enjoyed it ! Mission accomplished for the DD Team !