? This is it, our ‘Creamer for a Day’ after movie is ready!

Over the last few months, we’ve met hundreds of students through a dozen of jobfairs:
05/12: Round Table @ICHEC
11/12: IT Jobfair @UNamur
11-12/02: Jobfair @LSM
19-20/02: Jobfair @Solvay
27/02: “Vis ma vie” event @ICHEC
06/03: Jobfair @VUB
07/03: Engineers Jobfair @ULB
21/03: Jobcafé @UCL

Each time, the students visiting our stand, had the opportunity to participate to our ‘Creamer for a Day’ contest.

✏️ What did they have to do? Simply drawing us their vision of a Creamer.
? Price to be won? Spend the entire day with a Creamer and experience Cream from the inside!
? When did it happen? On 28th of March, from 8am for breaksfast till 9pm with a afterwork drink all together!
?? Return from experience? Watch the video and discover what Arthur, Dounia, Arnaud, Victoria and Maxime thought about this unique experience!

Once again, we would like to thank the 11 students who came and played the game to put themselves in the shoes of our creamers! ? And we thank therefore all the Creamers who took their time to explain and show a part of their daily activities!

See U next year for a new ‘Creamer for a Day’ adventure! ?