Hello bank! is a digital direct bank owned by BNP Paribas. The bank operates in France, Belgium, Germany (using the name Consorsbank), Italy, Czechia and Austria. BNP Paribas has claimed that it is “the first 100% digital mobile bank in Europe”. It gained over 3 million customers at the end of 2017.

On May 16, 2013, Hello bank! started to operates in Belgium and Germany. That meant a whole new way to deal with customers as the full relationship aims at being digitalized and mobile. Being an early maker in the mobile banking industry involved to reinvent the banking business and all its processes while remaining fully compliant with the regulation in each country.

Cream started to work together with Hello bank! to take charge of a crucial flow in mobile banking: Customer onboarding. Historically, a new bank customer should visit a local branch and would sign onboarding papers while providing legal documents such as an ID card and a proof of domiciliation. In the mobile world, the branch doesn’t exist no more so you have to reinvent a whole new way of working.

Cream took charge of the incremental process improvement to ultimately achieve a fully paper-less flow that would be legally compliant and binding the customer and its new bank. We had to deal with large amount of stakeholders such Marketing, Product Management, Legal, Compliance, End-to-end operations and, of course, IT department to achieve an innovative and efficient process that would offer a unique and smooth customer experience. What a unique opportunity to make our motto “create it together” a reality impacting customers in the real world!

Today, Cream keeps on supporting Hello bank! and BNP Paribas with a variety of projects from digital innovation to regulatory compliance challenge or data governance matter…