VOO is the Cable company for Brussels and Wallonia providing mobile, television, internet and landline services. It employs about 1000 people mainly in Brussels and Liège.

In 2006, Brutélé and Association Liégeoise d’Electricité (A.L.E.- Télédis) decide to join forces to create a leader in Cable for the Center and the South of Belgium. Going for leadership involved a lot of projects to start and VOO designed a E2E PMO structure to enable a transverse company-wide project management capability.

Cream started to work together with VOO in 2013 to take charge of an ambitious transformation: Digitalize the Invoicing process. VOO processes over 600.000 invoices per month. Offering a dematerialized workflow had become a must to improve customer satisfaction, credit recovery and, of course, costs. It also had a huge impact on the relation with a customer, so running this project smoothly was critical.

Cream took charge of the End-to-End Project Management of this transformation impacting the whole company : Billing, Sales, Accountancy, Communication, Customer Care, Legal departments were impacted. We also had to manage an external partner who would deliver the technical back office supporting the new process.
The challenge for Cream was to manage a large number of internal and external stakeholders while dealing with tight time constraints and high visibility to company’s board.

Such a trans-company project was a fantastic playground for our Creamers to deploy their attitudes and skills and make that challenge a huge success. We could make a heavy use of our secret techniques to make all the team converge to this massive change in the organization.

Today, Cream keeps on supporting VOO in implementing innovations such as Next Gen TV experience, new Data Vault architecture or Agile procurement processes…