« Businesses are craving for better data quality and better data analytics. It is well known that a data driven company will thrive at a higher speed thanks to advanced analytics and better understanding of their market and how it reacts to the company’s action. However, Companies that wants to leverage their data may encounter many issues. These issues may come in different forms at different time of the project.

This is where Cream Consulting can help businesses to overcome their problems. Within the Bi/Big Data Practice, I have developed many skills since I became a Creamer in order to tackle issues in Data Modelisation, Data Migration, Data Analytics and so on. These knowledges are shared within the BI/Big Date Practice so to keep an increasing level of knowledge from every consultant.

For example, I am currently working in a mission where I have the opportunity to use all of this knowledge in order to help the client to better leverage its data. There, I am applying my expertise on Data Vault Modeling as a Data and Analytics Consultant. I gather business requirement and I design an end-to-end solution from the source of data to the Dashboard and reports for business intelligence purpose. At first, I did not know much about Data Vault Modeling but Cream gave me the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of this particular methodology and share them with other creamers.

Our strength lies in our constant curiosity for new technologies and new methodologies in order to use them to answer any client’s demands.