DevOps, a quite awkward word that appeared back in 2008. It simply means the cross department integration between the people developing a software, and the ones actually running it. It has grown quite quickly to reach the point where it nowadays emphasises a cultural change as well as continuous integration practices and tools.

At cream, we have the opportunity to bring the whole Devops in our customer’s organization. Indeed while working on Devops solutions I have both the opportunity to design the tools and frameworks that will allow development team to setup their continuous integration or continuous delivery pipelines, as well as influencing mindset and organizations.

It is about changing processes in a disruptive way, breaking silos and erroneous belief to reach delivery efficiency. And by efficiency, we mean faster delivery and better quality. In some other words, my job is to enable development team for efficient delivery.

As such, it requires quite a lot knowledge, either technical or organizational. While setting up tools, we have to design and run the infrastructure that carries devops tools, from the portfolio management to the testing, while not forgetting about source control, artefact repository or code analyses. By implementing those, I have to interact quite closely with (agile) coaches and management people to make sure that the organization allows the usage of the practices that those tools are supporting.

All in all, it means understanding software development lifecycle, architecture, infrastructure, tooling and processes. That’s quite a lot, and that’s quite a lot of people to align with.

This is precisely what Cream is helping me with; through workshops, cream U, agile/lean practices, the company is bringing me the tools to handle so many stakeholders in a constructive way, not to say providing me the keys to drive such changes.

Join Cream, go far 😉

– Paul Helleringer, Consultant in IT Infrastructure