Engie is the Europe’s largest gas stakeholder and one of Europe’s top three producers of renewable energy. It employs over 150.000 people in 70 countries. Since the end of the 90’s, Energy Management and Trading activities became crucial to both GDF and Suez as the European energy market got liberalized. Both companies developed an IT landscape to support these activities and became leaders in this market. When GDF and Suez merged in 2007 to ultimately become Engie, there were tremendous opportunities to leverage both companies expertise, processes and systems and create an unique European leader. There were challenges too.

Cream has started to work together with Engie since 2011 to achieve an ambitious goal: Creating a single European ETRM platform (Energy Trading and Risk Management). EMT manages one of Europe’s largest and most diversified energy portfolios, comprising electricity, natural gas, coal, oil products, biomass, CO2 and environmental products. That made this objective quite complex but still exciting.

Cream assembled a multi-disciplinary team focusing on the Risk Management stream, from Demand Management and Enterprise Architecture to in-house Software Delivery going through Business Analysis.

The challenge for Cream was to combine a deep understanding of Financial Markets & Trading, mathematical skills, IT programming for highly demanding systems and ultimately knowledge of Industrial assets.

Such a complex environment requiring a tight collaboration between business users and IT specialists was a perfect set to embrace Cream’s mission, Enterprise Agility. Intense participation of all stakeholders was at the heart of this success and using the best of our Collective Intelligence practices was more than welcome.

Today, Cream keeps on supporting Engie in implementing innovations such as mobile applications, creation of web APIs or foster a new “hacker” culture…