Fédération des Mutualités Socialistes du Brabant (FMSB) offers healthcare services such as advisory, information, home-care, day-care, day-centres, loan, lease or sales of medical equipment. It serves 615.000 affiliates.

On May 2018, FMSB decided to open a public tender to select a single IT infrastructure consultancy partner for the next 4 years in order to launch innovation projects related to the growing digitalization of its business. Cream has been chosen out of 6 possible suppliers after a thorough selection process.

Cream now supports FMSB in the field of System Engineering (Network, Operations, Mainframe) and Infrastructure Technical Expertise.
We’ve been through various projects such as security enhancements, industrialization of User & Access Management, upgrade of overall architecture, process automation… Partnering with FMSB is a great opportunity for us to bring the Cream touch in a context where innovation is a key to the competitive future of our client.

What’s next: In the next 3 years, we expect to keep on achieving this transformation journey together with FMSB and a go for even more digitalization and agility on the IT backbone of our partner.