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Our Values

Cream’s culture is a result of shared values and ways of doing things on a daily basis. 

These elements are:

> Innovation

Innovation is at the core of our organisation.  It is precisely this element which enables our Consultants to remain on a learning curve and highly motivated. It is also the very tool which enables our Clients to strengthen their position as leader in their industry.

Cream encourages their consultants to be creative and to think outside the box. We approach solutions from a different angle. We like to dream up the wildest of ideas and strive to come up with the most inventive solutions.

> Pragmatism

We believe that Innovation’s strongest ally is Pragmatism. This powerful combination allows us to constantly explore new possibilities, while never losing sight of the goal. It also encourages the team to share in the satisfaction achieved after a job well done.  

We strive for efficiency and never lose sight of our goal. Each and every one of our actions focuses on the realisation of a project and we are immensely proud of the work we achieve.

> Enjoyment

It goes without saying that we cannot achieve Innovation and Pragmatism without Enjoyment. Our experience has demonstrated that Enjoyment in the workplace further enhances our individual motivation and is a key factor for the success of our projects.

Enjoyment at Cream is achieved by blending our creativity together, as a team, thereby enhancing the services we provide and the realisation of our projects, while at the same time always ensuring they are in line with our Clients’ needs.

> Humility

Cream’s vocation is to recruit outstanding Consultants.  In addition, we believe that each one of us must continue to develop and evolve, whatever his/her experience may be.  To acknowledge not only the distance covered, but also what still lies ahead, requires Humility. Moreover, for us, Humility is an essential tool that encourages us to be open to others and to take on board input and feedback which enables us to move ahead.

We strongly believe that Humility is at the very core of a true cross-fertilisation between Cream, their Clients and their Network, enabling each party to share their Expertise so as to deliver the most high-performance services.

> Sustainable Development

One of Cream’s fundamental aspirations is the principle of Sustainable Development.  We believe that in our role as Consultants, we must contribute to the sustainability of our Clients’ activities, whether it be in terms of  IT systems or  business processes.

As an Enterprise, we always endeavour to use as much leverage as possible in order to have a positive impact on our ecosystem (employees, clients, communities…) from a socio-economic and environmental
point of view.