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Practices connected to the world

Practices are built into our ways of working so as to bring some unity to consultants who share in the same interests and aspirations.  This in turn encourages mutual fulfilment and drives us to build on the high-level performance skills of our team members.  They represent a key factor to the standard of expertise that Cream brings to each one of its projects.

Each specific practice is entrusted to one or several Partners according to their individual specificity.  Their degree of expertise is of the highest level which enables them to maximise on the group’s skills and competencies enabling them to achieve optimal performance.

Our Partners are permanently focused on globalisation and its impact on society. That is why our Practices are fully integrated into our vision of what an enterprise should look like: our Partners share this vision and use Practices to transform our vision into a reality.

Each Partner is responsible and committed to:

  1. Bullet Using their specific Practice to turn Cream’s vision into a reality

  2. Bullet Maintaining a close relationship with clients who share the same centres of interest, not only exploring  future projects but at the same time ensuring the success of ongoing activities

  3. Bullet Being  responsible for the quality of services delivered

  4. Bullet Manage consultants’ progress each step of the way, whether they are novice or experienced

  5. Bullet Lead the way  in Knowledge Management skills: encourage sharing and learning, conform to good practices and strive for high-quality performance at all times

  6. Bullet Promote and facilitate R&D projects :  stimulate new and compelling ideas and implement them, aiming towards entrepreneurship where applicable

  7. Bullet Take responsibility for a profit centre and propose solutions to optimise costs, whether it be an internal project or a client project

These practices are networked:  all of Cream’s consultants work in collaboration and are permanently connected to the outside world. Cream constantly refers to these Practices at workshops, open tables, training sessions, wikis…

Through the various channels of conference participation (as speaker or participant), white papers, collaboration with start-up companies, open-source community groups and the media, they are connected worldwide

This sharing of practices encourages a cross-fertilisation of business and technology.

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