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Cream bases its Practices around the following areas:



  1. Enterprise Architecture

  2. Business, Information, Apps, Infrastructure

  3. Service & Project Management

  4. Prince 2, PMI, ITIL, CMMi

  5. Software Delivery

  6. .Net, SharePoint, Java, Mainframe

  7. Business Intelligence

  8. SAP, Datawarehouse, CMS, Business Apps

  9. Integration

  10. Middleware, EAI, SOA, WebSphere, Tibco


  1. Business Process Improvement

  2. Analysis, Change Management

  3. Quality Assurance

  4. Methods, Tools, Execution

  5. Governance

  6. Methods, Tools, Execution

  7. Project Office

  8. Methods, Tools, Execution


Our practices aim at encouraging our consultants to share in the same interests and aspirations. This in turn encourages mutual fulfilment and drives us to build on the high-level performance skills of our team members. 

They are a key factor in the expertise that Cream brings to each one of its projects.

Each specific practice is entrusted to one or several Partners according to their individual specificity. Their level of expertise is of the highest standard to enable them to bring the group’s skills and competencies up to the highest level of performance.  

These practices are networked: all of Cream’s consultants work in collaboration and are permanently connected to the outside world.

Cream makes its network live through workshops, open tables, training sessions, wikis…

Through the communication channels of conference participation (as speaker or participant), white papers, collaboration with start-up companies, open-source community groups and the media, they are connected worldwide. 

This sharing of practices encourages a cross-fertilisation of business and technology.