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Multi-disciplinary teams

Enterprise Agility’s goal is to align the highest standards of technology with the in-depth needs of the business world, while capitalizing on the human aspect.

That is why Cream has chosen to put in place project teams led by business and technology specialists whose expertise enables us to attain the best possible results. In addition to their specific skills, our experts serve as excellent role models in terms of collaboration and motivation, bringing out the best in each of us, not only as individuals but also as a team.

This expertise is merged together to form a powerful and coherent core team: a genuine partnership made up of outstanding individuals in terms of know-how and technology. Cream believes in team-coaching and encourages the group to work together and to develop individually in a healthy and constructive environment.

The development of each and every member of these multidisciplinary teams is paramount and allows the team to grow together as one single entity. That is why each member’s individual growth is a valuable asset, not only from a personal angle but for the benefit of the team as a whole.  An exchange of skills and competencies is crucial, each one building on the other’s skills with synergy and harmony.

The team’s performance assessment is based on each member’s individual efforts and involvement which in turn determine the roles and responsibilities of each and every one, encouraging individuals to be proud of their contribution to the team.  Furthermore, Cream endeavours to take into account the motivations of each team member, aligning them to the constraints of the project.

And finally, each team-member’s contribution to a project must be handled with the highest standard of professionalism.

Cream believes that by maximising business and technology skills and providing tutoring, together with a sense of partnership to each team-member, each project team becomes in turn a high-performance and agile entity in itself, fully equipped  to deal with complex issues from all angles and in the most productive and efficient way possible.