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Cream’s founding Partners each bring with them a vast range of experience and know-how accumulated from the Consulting world in Belgium. Over the last few years they have become the main driving force behind the growth of one of the most successful entrepreneurships in Belgium.

They have learned from experience:

  1. BulletThat success is achieved through the right mix of vision and pragmatism

  2. BulletThat a meaningful and aligned enterprise understands how to deploy its most valuable resources to achieve its ambitions

  3. BulletThat excellence and a demanding environment contribute to professional fulfilment and work satisfaction

This dynamic team has already worked in close collaboration in the past. Their differences are their most valuable assets. They both come from differing environments and cultures, and each reaps the benefits of the other’s strengths. The combination of their shared values is their driving force, in addition to their complicity and complementarities which have contributed to making Cream what it is today.

Cream focuses on turning their vision into reality in a world of perpetual change in terms of socio-economy and technology:  their objective is to share this vision with their clients and be a part of these fundamental changes so as to help enterprises to adapt to them and become the business leaders of the future.

Damien LANDRON, Founding Member, Managing Partner

Civil Engineer in Information Technology (HEI, Lille, France)

In 2000, Damien LANDRON began his career by integrating the Belgian IT subsidiary of a large Consultancy Group listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. During the course of the next eight years, he was rapidly promoted to Consultant and then, in succession, to Business Manager, Senior Manager and Director of Operations.  He was appointed General Manager and Board Member at the end of 2006.  His career path has provided him with a significant insight into the world of Consultancy in Belgium, in conjunction with his experience as Managing Director of a rapidly growing enterprise which now counts 300 employees.  He has witnessed the constant changes which are vital to meeting new challenges: to consistently adapt an organisation and its culture so as to remain a high-performing business.

Cécile VICARD, Founding Member, Managing Partner

Civil Engineer (ENSIA, Paris, France) & Master’s Degree in Marketing and Communications (ESCP, Paris)

Cécile VICARD kicks off her professional career as a Consultant with TNS World Panel. She analyses the consumer market and advises large chains on their turnover development strategies.  In 2006, she joins a Belgian Consultancy firm as Business Manager.  Within a very short space of time, she puts into place a new Business Unit addressing both Pharmaceutical and Telecommunications industries.  She multiplies her responsibilities within the company: she becomes responsible for two Business Managers and plays a key part in the Company’s European listing with one of Telecom’s main clients; she also creates a platform for Managed Services within a large US pharmaceutical group… At the end of 2007, Cécile becomes a member of the Executive Committee.  The vast experience Cécile has acquired has enabled her to adapt to a variety of challenges, be they organisational, managerial or financial.