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Business Manager

Job Offer - Ref : BM


They thought fast personal progress was possible. They thought continuous learning was a must.

They thought purpose and autonomy were motivating. That's why they created Cream with a meaningful mission:

To help industry leaders to make Enterprise Agility real.

With that purpose, we organize multidisciplinary teams to carry innovative projects (problem solving, business efficiency improvement, new product development, infrastructure optimization...) through unstable and complex environment contexts.

We deliver our services to Finance, Utilities, Telecom, Retail, Postal & Transport customers.

Cream recruits highly skilled people willing to take the risk of growing fast.

We are currently hiring an Business Manager, a key position directly reporting to a Founding Member.

What the job is all about?

Recruit and select:

  1. Screen Belgian and European job boards to identify interesting candidates aligned with Cream’s business strategy

  2. Call, meet and evaluate candidates to consultant positions

  3. Collaborate with the Recruitment department to ensure Cream acts on the recruitment market accurately toward its needs

Identify and develop new businesses:

  1. Target business opportunities

  2. Prospect for new business contacts

  3. Schedule appointments with business contacts to present Cream services

  4. Attend prospection meetings

  5. Organize relationship follow-up with existing contacts

Design relevant and competitive offers:

  1. Understand the technical, business and human challenges of the client projects

  2. Identify the best answer (team, expertise, rate) in the shortest time

  3. Market and present the answer to the client

  4. Follow-up the answer

  5. Support Senior Managers during negotiation phases

Manage long term and healthy growth:

  1. Follow-up projects, clients’ satisfaction and consultants’ motivation

  2. Draw a strategy to leverage the market opportunities

Strive for excellence:

  1. Attend technical, business and management training (on-boarding training + continuous training program)

  2. Be curious, look for personal and collective improvement, learn everything from clients, consultants, colleagues, and take advantage of your successes as well as your failures

The scope can evolve as you progress.​

What is Cream looking for? 

  1. You have a 5-year engineering degree in Information Technology (best case), general Engineering, or a Business school diploma with a passion for IT

  2. You demonstrate a first experience in a Business Development role

  3. You already worked in a company dealing with IT or you are passionate about IT

  4. You speak French, perfect English (mandatory), and Dutch would be an asset

  5. You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills as well as the ability to present effectively and creatively: you will be the first line contact between candidates, clients and Cream!

  6. You have the ability to work in a stimulating environment and meet demanding targets: you will be 100%​ part of the business development activity!

  7. You are passionate about every topic from technology to business and management

  8. You are dedicated, reliable, structured and collaborative

  9. You are driven, ambitious, entrepreneurial and willing to become better everyday

What does Cream offer you?

  1. A complete pragmatic coaching program with cutting-edge techniques in:

  2. Business Development & Negotiation

  3. Recruitment & People Management

  4. Personal Development & Leadership

  5. Financials

  6. At the end of the program we expect you to manage a 20-consultant team


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